03/07/2012 05:15 pm ET

Jeremy Minnier, High School Senior, Is Iowa Town's New Mayor (VIDEO)

Last year, 22-year-old Alex Morse made news when he was elected mayor of Holyoke, Mass.

But unlike Morse, a Brown University graduate, the new mayor of Aredale, Iowa is still in high school, NBC's Daily Nightly reports.

At 18, high school senior Jeremy Minnier is one of the youngest mayors in American history.

"It's not a job when you wake up every morning and just love what you do," he told NBC News.

Minnier has high hopes for the future of his hometown. Aredale's population? Seventy four.

According to NBC, Aredale is facing a slew of problems: the loss of the post office, a dwindling population, and water and sewage problems. But the young mayor is not discouraged.

"I want to spruce Aredale up," Minnier, who still lives with his parents, told NBC. "Make it a better place. Make it so people want to come and see."

By adopting a hands-on approach to leadership, the teenager hopes to soon get Aredale back on its feet.

“Being the mayor doesn't mean that you just sit back and tell other people what to do. You gotta be there helping. I'm gonna be sweeping the streets out there with a broom and shovel just like they are,” Minnier said.




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