03/07/2012 09:16 am ET

Jon Stewart Mediates Israel-Iran Tension, Breaks Down War Rhetoric (VIDEO)

On Super Tuesday, Jon Stewart took a break from the 2012 presidential race to focus on another tedious battle flooding the media: the one between Israel and Iran.

Stewart worries that with both nations taunting each other with overheated war rhetoric, America could easily get caught in middle and end up in another war if either nation attacks. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we're going to be the teacher who breaks up this schoolyard fight.

As Stewart shows, the GOP presidential candidates who will turn any hot-button issue into a stump speech are only heightening the tension by using similarly hyperbolic rhetoric. The only solution, Stewart realized, is to take on the task of easing tensions himself -- the only way he knows how -- by meeting Iran, Israel and America at camera three.

Watch the full clip above to see Stewart switch from camera to camera to camera with special graphics, pep talks and songs for each nation. As it turns out, all this hullabaloo about a nuclear world war might just be the byproduct of three heated election years. Go figure.