03/07/2012 10:18 am ET

Lawsuit: Catholic Chicago High School Expelled Student Over Her Hearing Disability

A Chicago Catholic high school is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that a student in her senior year was expelled due to behavioral problems linked to her hearing impairment.

Aamed Pryor and Niya Jackson filed suit against St. Scholastica Academy, located at 7416 N. Ridge Blvd., claiming that the school was aware of their daughter's hearing problems but still disciplined her for reasons including a failure to listen and a failure to respond to teacher requests -- all reasons linked to the impairment, the Chicago Tribune reports.

CBS Chicago reports that the girl's parents requested that the school seat her preferentially in classes and be given extra patience when lessons were explained to her. The girl also reportedly tried to discuss the problem with the school's principal, but was told that doing so was wrong. The school expelled her last December over the alleged disciplinary problems.

The lawsuit names the school's principal Colleen J. Brewer, its president Loretta Namovic, the Archdiocese of Chicago and Benedictine Sisters as defendants, according to the Tribune.

The lawsuit demands that the student be allowed to return to school with an expunged disciplinary record and new accommodations to help her succeed academically, according to CBS.

Photo by alamosbasement via Flickr.