Michigan Billionaires 2012: The Richest Men, And A Few Women, In The State (PHOTOS)

On Forbes list of 2012's worldwide billionaires, released Wednesday, Michiganders took only 11 of the record 1,226 spots. None of the Michiganders' net worth came near the double-digit billions of the top dogs, but their combined net worth of $21.4 billion is nothing to sneeze at.

In fact, it's more than 100 times Detroit's deficit -- not that we're suggesting anything.

Two local billionaires on the list have been to lock-up, at least two are college dropouts and one is a former race-car driver. Others made their fortunes from pizza, malls and medical equipment. And Michigan's top billionaire comes in as the 205th richest man in the world.

It's an intriguing list, if not quite a roadmap to riches. Find out who made the cut below, and see how they stack up against all the world's billionaires in the Forbes gallery.

Michigan's Billionaires