03/08/2012 12:53 am ET

Miranda Cosgrove Tells Teens To Say 'No' To Tanning Beds

"I don't think teens realize the consequences associated with tanning," said iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove, who is a new celebrity spokesperson for Neutrogena's sun safety campaign. The young star hopes to increase awareness about the dangers of UV ray exposure. "It's important for me to help people my age realize that tanning can be dangerous and, in the long run, not worth a winter tan," she said in a press release.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ninety percent of pediatric melanoma cases occur in girls aged 10-19. Another recent study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that only 25 percent of teenagers "often or always" use sunscreen when outside for at least six hours in the summer.

Miranda isn't the only young person advocating for teen sun safety awareness. Students across British Columbia are combating tanning in the second annual Tan-Free Grad Challenge, which encourages classmates ditch the tan and embrace their natural skin tone for prom this year. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, over 3,000 students pledged to be tan-free last year, and they hope this number will significantly increase in 2012.

Last year, California became the first state to prohibit minors from using tanning salons. Previously, young people ages 15 to 18 could tan at a salon as long as they received parental permission. Rhode Island is moving in a similar direction, with a proposal currently being pushed to the state Senate which would prohibit anyone under 18 from using a tanning salon, unless they have a prescription from a physician.

But not all states are following suit: Idaho's House Health and Welfare Committee, for example, is lowering the tanning bed ban age limit from 18 to age 15 and younger. Teens between the age of 16 and 18 will have to obtain parental consent.

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