03/07/2012 11:51 am ET

'Party Down' Movie: Adam Scott Hopeful They Won't 'Screw It Up'

Are we having fun yet? Actually, maybe! While doing press for the upcoming indie dramedy "Friends With Kids," Adam Scott revealed that the "Party Down" movie is still on track -- though when it will pull together is anyone's guess.

"Yeah, our fingers are crossed," Scott told The Huffington Post. "We're hoping sooner rather than later. But, you know -- you never know. Everybody is pretty busy now, which is really nice, because when we shot the show, no one was busy. But we're all just trying to get it together. It would be really fun. Everyone is totally in; everyone wants to do it."

That echoes statements Scott made back in December, telling Grantland that he was hoping the "Party Down" movie would shoot this summer. Of course, even if the big screen adaptation of the cult television series -- which ran for two, lowly-rated seasons on Starz -- gets off the ground, Scott understands there is potential for failure.

"That's the biggest risk -- that you screw it up and make a shitty movie," he said when asked about managing fan expectations. "Part of the reason the show worked is that there were no expectations and we were doing it completely in a vacuum. Even the second season, when the first season had aired, still no one knew what it was. We were just doing it because it was fun and we loved working with each other. Now that a lot of people know -- literally dozens of people know what it is -- there is going to be an expectation and we don't want to screw it up."

One way to guard against that? Keeping things in the "Party Down" family.

"I think the important thing is to not make it too big -- which I don't think would be a problem, because it's going to be a low budget thing anyway -- and not get an outside director to come in and spruce it up [and] stay with what we did and just make it exactly the way we made the show, and hopefully, it would keep it in a straight line."

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