03/07/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2012

Snooki Pregnancy: Angelina Pivarnick Congratulates 'Jersey Shore' Star

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has officially confirmed her pregnancy and is sporting what appears to be an engagement ring from longtime boyfriend, Jionni LaValle. Now joining in on the good tidings for the pint-sized reality star is friend and foe Angelina Pivarnick, who shared the "Jersey Shore" house with Snooki for the show's first two seasons.

"I want to say congrats to Snooki, even though she didn't reach out and say congrats to me when I got engaged," Angelina tells me. "I'm going to be the bigger person and say I wish her the best and maybe one day, down the road, we can forgive each other and be cool."

Since leaving the "Jersey Shore," Angelina has become engaged and reportedly suffered a miscarriage -- both events were rumored publicity stunts. However, Angelina insists that the rumors are just that, and wishes Snooki well with her own pregnancy.

"I love kids and wish her a very good pregnancy," Angelina continues. "Maybe one day I'll babysit. What I went through when I was pregnant was horrible. I just hope all this media pressure doesn't have a toll on her and the baby."

Check out Snooki over the years below:

Snooki Over The Years