03/07/2012 02:28 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2012

'The Manhattan Diet's' Expensive Instructions On How Manhattan Women Stay Skinny

A new book authored by Eileen Daspin is teaching New York women the secrets on how to be fabulous and skinny without starving yourself in the city.

"The Manhattan Diet" gathers advice from Daspin's girlfriends including a creative manager, owner of an Upper East Side therapy center, and founder of popular blog

Some tips from the gals include only ordering string beans and rice at Chinese restaurants, choosing quality produce over "cheap thrills," and reminding oneself that Manhattan sidewalks are a woman's personal runway, so look your best.

Before you go off eye-rolling, as Jezebel notes, Daspin's tips are actually laudable and promote both exercise and portion control, pointers that we could all use a good dose of every now and then.

But we can't help but notice the continuous barrage of restaurant name-dropping and obvious product placement the book seems to advocate. Not to mention the pricey options the women opt for. Examples include:

Chocolate chip cookie at ABC Kitchen $8

Two glasses of Rioja at Corkbuzz: $17

Dinner at Wong in the West Village $25

Dinner with two friends at Beauty & Essex $30

7 a.m. SoulCycle class$32

Four of the five women also include alcoholic beverages in their daily regiment. Of course, no judgment from us, but tell us. Is this a realistic portrait of how New York women stay fit? How do you?

While you ponder that, check out The Skinny Girl workout by Real Housewife below: