03/10/2012 04:28 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

Elephant Racer Gopi Kannan Wins 9th Year In A Row (VIDEO)

Elephants aren't known for their speed, but one 36-year-old pachyderm must be packing a lot of junk in his trunk.

He's Gopi Kannan and he just earned his ninth victory in the annual elephant race held at Guruvayur Temple in India's southern Kerala state.

Kannan competed against 26 other elephants for the event, part of a 10-day festival dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna that is popularly known as "Anayottam," and was one of six finalists selected for the final race, a half-kilometer long run that begins by a revered banyan tree, according to

Kannan zoomed past four other elephants to enter the temple premises and went straight in to the sanctum sanctorum, according to International Business Times

The win gives him the privilege to carry the idol for all the important rituals that take place during the festival.

Kannan was unavailable to comment on his ninth win, but considering the astounding memory of elephants, it's certain to be something he'll never forget.