03/08/2012 06:39 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

Jack Millos, Young Canucks Fan, Dances At Hockey Game (VIDEO)

And the crowd goes wild!

Jack Millos, a young hockey fan, took the audience by storm at a Vancouver Canucks game when he busted some pretty smooth dance moves.

The boy seems unfazed as onlookers holler and applaud at his impromptu performance set to LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It."

The fans behind him, though, are elated they get to share the spotlight.

Jack later meets Canucks player Dan Hamhuis and coyly admitted he was on camera "like six times."

Homeboy sure knows how to shake it, but some YouTube users are expressing concern that the young boy knows the lyrics to LMFAO's somewhat racy tune.

However, Jack's not the only child who's taken a liking to the song: Three-year-old Marek knows all the words, too.

Luckily, there's a kid-friendly version that still features the catchy beat: "I'm Elmo And I Know It".