03/08/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Lil Kim Opens Up On Dating Celebrities: Notable/Quotable

There is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don't know, and if they found out, they'll be like, “What? You were with who?”…. I’ve dated a couple of celebrities and it’s so hard. But right now, I haven’t really dated in a couple of months. I really just been trying to get my body right and just get in shape and prepare for the next level of my career. Because I feel me going into a whole ‘nother [level], and it’s not me. God is just taking me somewhere and I’m not even knowing…he’s just driving saying, “come with me.” I had a whole ‘nother plan for my life, but God had another plan for my life and I just have to go where it’s going.

--Grammy Award-winning rap diva, Lil Kim on balancing personal relationships with her career. (MTV News)

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