03/08/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

University Of Rochester Creates Rap Video To Recruit Students (VIDEO)

Colleges have ramped up their recruiting efforts in recent years, employing everything from ski weekends to reality TV shows to draw new students in.

The latest stunt -- a hip hop video -- comes from the University of Rochester's Admissions Office and features a popular all-male campus a cappella group, the Midnight Ramblers, rapping in more than 20 locations throughout the school.

"We wanted high school students to see the many options available," said Satyajit Dattagupta, director of enrollment communications and creator of the video concept, in a release. "The music video captures the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity here."

It also captures the Ramblers' impassioned lyrical skill, including pop culture references like the Kardashians and Alec Baldwin -- who was famously dropped from a Rochester ad campaign after his "Words With Friends" American Airlines altercation last year -- along with a speedy verse, right around 2:14, pulled straight from an Admissions Office brochure.

In 2009, CBS News reported on colleges' efforts to spice up recruiting, including Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, who sends out birthday cards and calls to prospective students; and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who agreed to let Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee film his reality show, "Tommy Lee Goes to College," at their school in 2005.

Yet still, hip-hop seems to be a somewhat new approach. But does it work?