03/09/2012 01:50 pm ET

Audri Clemmons, 7-Year-Old Boy, Builds Rube Goldberg Monster Trap (VIDEO)

In this adorable YouTube video filmed by his mom, first grader Audri Clemmons shows off his magnificent Rube Goldberg monster trap.

The 7-year-old talks us through his brilliant design that uses an array of household objects, while also giving the audience a hypothesis of how many tries he suspects it will take before the machine works.

With OK GO's song "This Too Shall Pass" playing the background, it seems the boy might have been inspired by the band's very own rude goldberg machine YouTube video.

In fact, USA Today says the band caught wind of this video and even saluted Audri on their Facebook page.

When the machine works on the fourth try, his excitement is simply contagious.

Can't get enough of Audri? Check out this YouTube video of him at age 5.