03/09/2012 03:53 pm ET

Greeley Plans To Legalize Open Containers Downtown On Fridays During Summer Months

Colorado's newest Friday night hotspot could very well be... downtown Greeley?

Yes. The Greeley City Council voted Tuesday to allow open containers of alcohol on the 9th Street Plaza Downtown, creating conditions similar to (albeit smaller and more restricted than) the famed Las Vegas Strip or the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Greeley's loosening of liquor laws follows on the heels of legislation passed last year that allows the creation of open container entertainment districts. Among the stipulations: No beverage in consumption areas can be larger than 16 ounces, and containers must be disposable and clearly state the vendor's name.

"We're actually glad for anything that helps downtown," said Greeley police spokeswoman Sgt. Susan West to KMGH. "Our only concern here is the quantity and quality of the security. We absolutely support anything that helps revitalize downtown."

But all you party people, don't get too excited just yet: open containers in downtown Greeley would only be legal Friday evenings during the summer months from 5 p.m. to midnight. Advocates behind the ordinance aim to keep it family friendly, writes the Greeley Tribune.

A post on Downtown Greeley's Facebook page also cautions readers several steps must be taken before open containers are allowed. Businesses in the area must establish an "authorized drinking area," then form a promotional association and apply for an outdoor liquor license from the state.