03/11/2012 06:57 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

This was certainly a week for interesting animal news.

Penguins may be flightless birds, but we learned that they can fly first class. Two penguins, named Pete and Penny, made an appearance on a Delta flight from San Antonio to Atlanta this week. The penguins were reportedly en route to New York for the premiere of "Frozen Planet."

In other strange but true animal news, opossums can snowboard -- and they're not that bad at it. A ski resort in Pennsylvania used an opossum named Ratatouille for a recent promotional campaign. Maybe its not the opossum's favorite activity, but in this video clip he doesn't seem too hesitant to shred.

It was revealed this week that an elderly gorilla at a zoo in Pennsylvania received a new companion. Samantha, a 47-year-old western lowland gorilla, was given a rabbit last month to keep her company. According to the Associated Press, Samantha had been without "a full-time friend" since a male gorilla died in 2005.

Beachgoers near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil helped save around 30 dolphins this week after the animals beached themselves en masse, according to AP. All of the dolphins were reportedly saved.

Five months after the animal farm release that resulted in the deaths of 48 exotic and endangered animals, legislation was introduced in Ohio to "ban new ownership of exotic animals in the state and immediately prohibit people from acquiring new or additional dangerous wildlife," explained AP. Ohio reportedly has "some of the nation's weakest restrictions on exotic pets."

Below, check out some of the cutest, coolest and most interesting animal photos from around the world this week.

Animals Photos Of The Week 3/11/12