03/11/2012 01:39 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Color Palette That Can Make Your Home Seem Brighter, Cleaner and Sexier (PHOTOS)

Maybe it has to do with Dorothy and The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, but without a doubt there's something magical about ruby red. It's a dazzling color that has timeless appeal. Though we might not think twice about adding a little fiery red to our wardrobes, many of us blanche at the thought of adding the jewel-tone hue to our homes.

Whether it's a small vase or chandelier, what's important to know about decorating with ruby red is that it works especially well against neutral color schemes. Because of its blue undertone, ruby red naturally complements white furniture, making the pieces appear brighter and whiter. If you have a white-painted fireplace, grouping red accessories such as candlesticks and vases on top of the mantel can instantly make it a focal point. Likewise, sparkling ruby glassware placed on crisp table linens will create a captivating setting. At the same time, the blue undertones in ruby can also bring out the warmth in wood furnishings and accents.

On another note, the color ruby (or red in general) also conveys passion -- there's a certain sexiness to the hue. And, this recent study of men's positive response to women dressed in red is evidence of the color's undeniable allure. Ruby accent pieces can therefore have a similar effect in a room, helping to set the mood and bring a bit of romance into the atmosphere.

Looking for ideas on how to decorate with the red shade? Click through the slideshow below to see our color palette inspired by Dorothy's ruby red slippers along with home finds based on those hues.