03/12/2012 07:09 am ET

Remy, The Arlington Rapper, Takes On Sandra Fluke In 'Cough Drops-The Mandate'

Everyone's favorite local libertarian rapper has a new topical video.

In his latest collaboration with Reason.tv, Remy takes on beleaguered Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke in "Cough Drops-The Mandate."

The video has Remy testifying before the House Committee on Cough Suppression about why insurance companies should be forced to cover cough drops:

Take a look at this graph, you gonna holler with fear
Cough drops costing me a hundred dollars a year
I'm talking Halls, Ludens, to keep me alive
It's like a dog-fighting ring, I need Vicks to survive

The song ends with the rapper deciding that Congress shouldn't get involved with insurance mandates after all. He leaves the hearing to go out to the drug store to buy some of his own cough drops.

Well I guess it's safe to say this has kind of devolved
Maybe it's not the best idea to have these people involved
So I think I'm gonna bounce, put this one on the shelf
Hit up the drug store--get some cough drops myself.

Maybe the Arlington rapper's next video will take us to all the area drug stores where birth control pills are as cheaply available as cough drops?