03/12/2012 12:58 pm ET

Britney Spears On 'X Factor': Should A Lip-Syncer Judge Talent Show?

As reports swirl that Britney Spears is still in talks with Simon Cowell to join Fox's "The X Factor," we have to ask: Should an infamous lip-syncer be judging a talent competition?

"I think the more experienced the singer, the better," observes Taylor Hicks, "American Idol" winner, of Britney's potential new gig. "The fact that a legit performer is giving you constructive criticism holds a lot more weight in my opinion."

Fellow performer Debbie Gibson agrees that the show needs a judge whose raw talent speaks for itself.

"Absolutely not!" Debbie tells me when asked if Britney should join the show. "I definitely think if vocals are what the show is about, then the judges need to walk the walk or sing the song."

However, several industry insiders point out that Cowell himself isn't a performer, yet he has a cozy spot behind the judges' table.

"I think Britney would be great for 'X Factor' given all the experience she has as being a global superstar," says Daymond John of ABC's "Shark Tank." "She will be able to provide some incredible guidance and advice to all the contestants. Britney has also faced adversity and has come back from many personal challenges, and the public always supports her. She is more than just her voice."

Britney may have the experience to determine who has the makings of a superstar, but will she make for good TV?

"I don't hold lip-syncing against a performer. Almost everybody does it at one point or another," says Joe Levy, former editor of Rolling Stone, who worked with Britney on several covers. "Britney's done this since she was a kid. She's got enough experience to judge whether or not someone is a good performer. I'd be more concerned about her talking without a script for the first time in her life than judging someone's pitch."

Maybe the best suggestion comes from Lindsay Lohan's mother, who offers up the name of a similar lip-syncing legend: "Cher’s knowledge and personality makes her the perfect replacement."

Dina Lohan may be on to something, and we have a feeling that Cher wouldn't scoff at a $10 million offer.


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