03/12/2012 10:28 am ET

McDonald's Rolls Out Freshly Baked Goods In New England

Dunkin' Donuts is king of the fast food breakfasts in New England, but McDonald's is hoping for a slice of the (freshly baked?) pie. The fast food giant has expanded its breakfast options in New England, reports the Boston Globe. These new items -- which include a cheese danish, blueberry muffin, multi-grain berry muffin (with no trans fat), banana bread and vanilla scone -- are baked fresh every day in each restaurant, and they are not frozen first.

For fast food chains, the breakfast market is increasingly competitive. Taco Bell recently launched its new "First Meal" menu, which includes breakfast burritos and hash browns. Last year Burger King added oatmeal to its breakfast menu. In fact, breakfast is becoming so popular that now food marketers are focusing on "second breakfast."

The baked goods will be available all day and will be offered across New England and the Albany, New York region. No word yet as to any national plans.