03/12/2012 07:03 pm ET

Morgan Spurlock Talks 'A Day In The Life,' Joel McHale's Speeding And Working With Hulu

After teaming up with Hulu last year, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock -- perhaps best known for 2004's "Super Size Me" -- is back with 10 all-new episodes of "A Day in the Life" (available beginning Mon., Mar. 12).

The new season will once again brings viewers behind the scenes to spend one day in the life of some of the world’s most fascinating people, including "Community" actor Joel McHale, comedian Marc Maron, famed chef Mario Batali, and UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem" Miller.

HuffPost TV chatted with the busy documentarian about the new season, Joel McHale's speeding habits and how a day in the life of Morgan Spurlock would be more mind-bending than "Inception."

After casting Season 1, how did you want to make the casting of Season 2 different?

We were really fortunate in Season 1 to have such an eclectic group of people, so we really wanted to go even further with that in Season 2. We have a couple of comics coming in Season 2. We're kicking off the new season with Marc Maron, who I think is one of the funniest and smartest people on the planet. One of the people that I'm really excited to have on the show is Tim Ferriss, who is one of the most brilliant self-help gurus in the world. He changes the way we look at our lives and how we work. It's having people like that -- who look at the world from a very different point-of-view -- is what makes the show so special.

Tell me a little bit about Joel McHale's upcoming episode. I'm a big "Community" fan.

Me too! What I love about Joel is watching him get inside his car and take off, leaving our crew in the dust in literally seconds as he zips around town. I hope people see how quickly Joel tries to get places in his career. He's all about punctuality and time as he speeds through Hollywood.

Are you on the series at all?

I'm not on one frame of this entire show. I'm never seen. I'm never heard. It's great. Well, that's not completely true. I do a voiceover at the beginning of every episode. So you do hear me, but you don't see me. It's great. Not being on camera is a fantastic thing. I highly recommend it. For me, it gives a very different energy to the show. I love focusing on the people who are shaping and changing the world in very different ways than one another. I want the focus to be on them, not me. What is the method to the madness that makes them who they are?

Do you have a highlight for Season 2?

There are so many things to love this season. I think seeing Mario Batali zip around town on a scooter in his name brand Crocs is kind of a special thing. These are special moments that we were able to capture in the show.

What's the relationship like between you and Hulu?

I've had an amazing relationship with them long before I did Season 1 of "A Day in the Life." We launched "Super Size Me" on Hulu not long after the service came to be. The film did really well on Hulu, and then we worked together with "30 Days" and "Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?" I've just had a great relationship with the Hulu audience.

We're seeing a lot of grassroots campaigns pop up in network TV. There are showrunners like "Cougar Town's" Bill Lawrence who are going around the networks to get buzz for their show. What was you tactic?

For me, there's always a lot of begging. It's me going into Jason Kilar's -- the CEO of Hulu -- office saying, "Please can we do another season? Please, can we make this one more time?" And he goes, "Oh, all right." But for us, we've gotten a great response from the Hulu audience. The reason that it's been brought back is because the viewers love it. They've written in, and they post in the comments. We've been really fortunate to have a loyal audience.

Who is the one person you would love to follow around for a day?

The dream is always to get "A Day in the Life" with President Obama. It would be incredible to follow him from dawn 'til dusk. That, for me, may not happen in Season 2, but we're going to keep our fingers crossed for Season 3.

What would a day in the life of Morgan Spurlock look like?

Oh, it would be very, very sad. Nobody wants to see that. That's why I'm not on this program. It would be the most boring day ever. It would just be me making a documentary. Actually, it would almost be like "Inception" because you would be watching me make the show while you're watching the show.

Watch the Season 2 premiere episode, featuring a day in the life of comedian Marc Maron below.