03/13/2012 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chengdu University Of Technology Students Mimic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (VIDEO)

Many models may dream of walking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway. But not many models, much less random college kids, make it happen -- save for a few savvy Chinese students at the Chengdu University Of Technology.

Photos and video have started popping up online of a lingerie fashion show staged by students of the School of Radio, Film & Television at China's Chengdu University. Beyond the racy clothes, the show was remarkable for its similarity to Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows past. In fact, some might say the outfits (and even the poses) were exact replicas.

Oh No They Didn't has several mocked up pics, with the original Victoria's Secret looks (Heidi, Miranda, etc.) alongside the students' copies. We have to admit: they're pretty darn good. All the crazy feathers and sequins are there, as well as the midriffs and décolletage... which caused a bit of tongue wagging.

A student at another Chinese university told the Global Times, "It is shameful for university students to wear so little clothing. There are many other types of clothes that better reflect what students are wearing." Another student was in favor: "I am in support of such performances because they show university students' creativity," she told the Global Times.

Either way, we're pretty sure the bigger issue is the possible plagiarizing of original Victoria's Secret designs. Say what you will about those wacky lingerie costumes, but they are fairly distinctive. Check out the photos on and see some (super grainy -- sorry) footage of the student show below.