03/13/2012 11:26 am ET

Legal Issues Are Least Favorite Part Of Being An Entrepreneur: Survey Says

What's the biggest headache small-business owners face in running their businesses? Nearly one-third (29 percent) say legal issues are their least favorite part of being an entrepreneur, according to a recent survey from RocketLawyer. These entrepreneur know whereof they speak: Fifty-two percent have faced a legal issue in their businesses in the past year.

Just how much do entrepreneurs hate dealing with legal problems? Let's put it this way: Fifty percent claim they'd rather go to the dentist than handle a legal matter, 39 percent would give up coffee for a month, and 17 percent would give up their smartphones or cars for a month.

Why it matters to your business: When we hate doing something, we tend to put it off. But delaying dealing with legal issues can be a huge mistake for your business. And with more than half of entrepreneurs facing a legal matter each year, your chances of being among them are pretty good. Take the proper steps now to handle your pressing legal concerns, whether that's contract negotiation, employment issues or protecting your intellectual property. You'll thank yourself later.