03/14/2012 02:02 pm ET

2012 NCAA Tournament: Top Ten NBA Draft Prospects

There can be a divide between devout college basketball fans and those who prefer the professional version of the game. College fans love the passion and purity at the amateur level, while NBA fans thrill to the feats of the top-flight athletes. The chasm between the two is wide. But there is one time of year when everyone can come together: the NCAA Tournament.

After all, every NBA fan wants to get an early look at the next Derrick Rose or Kevin Garnett. Fans of hapless teams bound for the draft lottery are especially interested in March Madness, as they'll likely be cheering for one of the tournament's stars this time next year. Here are 10 elite prospects for NBA fans to track during March Madness.

2012 NCAA Tournament: Top Ten NBA Draft Prospects

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