03/14/2012 05:56 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Glenn Beck: Chris Matthews Is 'A Bigot On The South' And Mormons (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck tore Chris Matthews apart on Wednesday, railing against the MSNBC host's remarks that the GOP "is willing to outsource" the general election "to a Mormon" out of desperation to beat President Obama.

Matthews made the comments during his network's coverage of the Mississippi and Alabama primaries on Tuesday night. He was discussing the role of religion in the election. He went on to compare the GOP election to outsourcing jobs to India, and jokingly described Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum as "cultists."

Beck reacted with outrage on his Wednesday show. He accused Matthews of insulting the intelligence of Southern voters, and evoking "Mormon bigotry" in his comments. "The guy is a bigot, through and through," Beck alleged.

He said that Matthews was a classic progressive, saying, "Anybody who doesn't fall in line with what he thinks is right is either stupid or a cult or dangerous."

Beck and his co-hosts replayed and dissected Matthews' statement, beginning with his reference to polls about people who believe that Obama is a Muslim. One of Beck's co-hosts said that polls actually show that most of those people are not Republicans.

"I'm sorry I have a little Chris Matthews bigot in my ear," Beck said, asking to hear that finding again. He continued, "So we've established that he's liar. Chris Matthews is a liar."

The group turned to Matthews' joke that the GOP was willing to outsource the election to a Mormon. "Anyone who would say that would be roundly condemned as a bigot, because that's a bigoted statement, period," Beck said.

Then, he addressed Matthews' reference to cultists. He alleged that Matthews was describing the Mormon church as a cult, noting that the host is Catholic himself. "It's what he believes," Beck railed. "He's pinning it on the South."



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