03/14/2012 12:17 pm ET

University Of California Freshmen May Be Asked To Declare Sexual Orientation

In addition to identifying their race, gender and ethnicity, incoming college freshmen at University of California schools may also be asked to identify their sexual orientation. If a new proposal is passed, high school seniors will be asked to check a new box -- one that declares whether they are gay, straight, bi or transgender -- upon acceptance of their admissions offer.

ABC News reports that the proposal, initiated by the University of California Academic Senate, would add an extra question to the statement of intent that students sign when they decide to attend the university.

According to Robert Anderson, chair of the academic senate, the objective of the proposal is to promote diversity and to make sure that the colleges are equipped with the proper resources and support for their LGBT students.

The proposal has led students to question whether it's really necessary for them to self-identity as gay, straight, bi or transgender when enrolling in college. UCLA student newspaper the Daily Bruin applauded the decision, arguing that identification of LGBT students would likely lead to better services for the community and consequently a better experience for many LGBT students.

One UCLA sophomore told the Daily Bruin that he thought the information could be helpful in determining dorm assignments and housing arrangements.

But not everyone agrees. In the above video, the University of California at Berkeley's student-run newspaper, the Daily Californian, surveyed students to find out what they thought of the initiative, and some students weren't on board. One student told the Daily Californian: "I don't think it makes very much sense... I don't think it should matter."

Echoing these sentiments, president of the American Civil Rights Institute Ward Connerly told Fox News, “It’s a very bad idea. I think that it will lead to another protected class."

Do you think the proposal will lead to positive outcomes for the LGBT student community at University of California schools? Or is sharing this information inappropriate? Sound off in the comments below.