03/14/2012 03:45 am ET Updated May 13, 2012

'New Girl': Jess Breaks Schmidt, Leading To Chaos In The Apartment (VIDEO)

It was all about Schmidt on this week's installment of "New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Fox). Fans got another peek at the heavier Schmidt as he was when he first met and moved in with long-time friends Nick and Winston. Clearly they needed him, as the place was not only a mess without his oCD cleanliness, but almost barren of any sense of style or decor.

Schmidt brought all of that with him, and continues to be the main source of cleanliness and cooking for the household, but Jess wanted more for him. Little did she know that he already have Cece. Though it might appear that Schmidt is slowly taking the upper hand in that relationship, as he realized the power he had over her when she snuck into the apartment for a 3 AM wake-up call.

Luckily, she was apparently completely out of touch for the prior three days as Jess' attempts to help him loosen up backfired horribly. He started playing drums and being a free spirit on the beach while the apartment completely fell apart. But a brand new pair of Calvin Klein slacks lured him back to the good life.

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