03/14/2012 04:09 pm ET

Veteran Unemployment: Disney Slated To Hire 1,000 Vets In 3 Years

Disney is continuing to make dreams come true as it prepares to hire 1,000 veterans over the next three years, the company announced Tuesday.

Though new government hiring initiatives helped the veteran unemployment rate drop to 7.6 percent in February, down from 12.5 percent a year earlier, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, former service members still face a number of major obstacles when it comes to securing jobs. Many say that they struggle, for example, to translate their skills on the battlefield to employers looking to hire back home, The Huffington Post reported in January.

But Disney is aiming to change that.

The company has launched "Heroes Work Here," a company-wide initiative that will hire, train and support returning veterans, the company's President and CEO Bob Iger said in a release.

The job opportunities will span the gamut, from internships to leadership roles, and Disney will host career fairs to publicize the opportunities.

"As a new generation of America's military men and women transition into civilian life, we are increasing our commitment and support for these modern day heroes," Iger said, according to MSNBC. "It's a measure of our respect for how much they have sacrificed on our behalf, and our sincere gratitude for their extraordinary contributions to this country."