03/15/2012 02:05 pm ET

Cassandra Byrd-Scolaro Saves Woman Suspected Of Overdosing With CPR, Receives Middle Finger

A Brooklyn teacher performed CPR on a young woman suspected of overdosing in the bathroom, ultimately saving her life and receiving a surprising gesture in gratitude.

Cassandra Bird-Scolaro was enjoying her lunch break Wednesday afternoon at a nearby restaurant, when the victim was found lifeless on the bathroom floor with a spoon and needle beside her.

Bird-Scolaro performed emergency CPR on the young woman, with EMS workers arriving soon after. She described, "(The young woman) looked dead. “She had no pulse. I immediately began giving her compressions.”

The young woman was revived in three minutes.

But when Bird-Scolaro approached the victim, the woman apparently gave her the middle finger.

At least her colleagues, including Chancellor Dennis-Walcott who called Bird-Scolaro personally, were thankful. Principal Dr. Robert Marchi said of the hero teacher, "To me, she represents the very best in what a teacher ought to be. I can’t think of another person you’d rather have at your side in distress than this lady."

The Daily News reports that after the lunchtime rescue, Bird-Scolaro went on with her day back and teaching duties, with restaurant owners picking up the check.

She expressed her wishes for the young woman to take advantage of her second chance at life.