03/15/2012 06:48 pm ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

Occupy Detroit Protests Michigan CEO Summit With 'Flash Mob'

An Occupy Detroit flash mob made an appearance in front of the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in downtown Detroit Thursday afternoon to protest business leaders gathered for the Michigan CEO Summit.

Ten members of the group, some dressed in suits and pearls -- CEO costumes, they said -- marched around the entrance as police and Westin employees watched the boisterous performance. They carried ironic signs, with slogans reading "We Are The 1 Percent" and "Profits Before People."


Business Leaders for Michigan hosted the CEO Summit. The group comprises chairpersons, CEOs and senior executives of Michigan's largest companies and universities.

Doug Rothwell, the business group's president and CEO touted its "2012 Michigan Turnaround Plan" in a statement.

"We've identified growth opportunities that we are confident will have the highest-potential over the next 10 years to accelerate growth and create thousands of good paying jobs," he said. "These are real objectives, grounded with research, and with prospects to dramatically reshape and strengthen Michigan's economic future."

An Occupy Detroit protester impersonating a CEO, handed out a flier with different take on the get-together: "Their agenda includes cutting the taxes of corporations and the wealthy while eliminating social services for working people," it said.

Stephen Boyle, a member of the group and Detroit resident, snapped pictures of the flash mob.

"We're here protesting the corporate greed that runs them, the dissolving of the middle class and the bonuses given to the financial industry after the bailout," he said.

Check out photos of the flash mob protest below:

Occupy Detroit Protests CEO Summit