Miike Snow's 'The Wave' Gets A Video

Miike Snow released a video for "The Wave" off his newest album Happy To You released yesterday.

The video can best be described as a made-for TV sci-fi movie. Following the crash of a UFO near a playground in the middle of the desert, a group of police and a news broadcast crew come to the scene to pick off the pieces and dead bodies. The aliens, who are kind of beefy, shirtless men in leather pants and elbow-length gloves, black wigs and larger than normal noses, run through the desert to the playground full of lifeless children (it's not graphic, they just look like they're sleeping). The aliens do a little shouting along with the song, then the donut-eating officers do a dance. And, well, that's about it.

What the video lacks in a plotline, it makes up for in production. And, Miike Snow's latest album is stellar, "The Wave" as one of the standout tracks.

Watch below for Miike Snow's video for "The Wave:"