03/16/2012 11:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hot Chip Releases New SIngle 'Flutes' (VIDEO)

Electropop group Hot Chip released an in-studio recording of "Flutes," the first track off their upcoming album In Our Heads.

"Flutes" is an odd mix of experimental and electronic -- synth beats over atmospheric lo-fi and meandering vocals. It's a surprising first track, coming from a band best known for their 2009 Grammy-nominated dance track "On The Floor.". "Flutes" is more a head piece meant for lazy days.

If prone to motion sickness, you probably should't watch the video. Presumably recorded on a hand-held video camera, the shots are shaky and a majority of the almost eight minutes is spent on a turntable, spinning the camera in a dizzying motion.

Hot Chip recently announced In Our Heads will be released on June 12, along with dates for their worldwide tour.

Watch below for Hot Chip's "Flutes:"