03/16/2012 07:02 am ET

How I Learned To Meditate

I never thought much about meditation until I got sober. Then, suddenly, all sorts of words I’d never considered—meditation and prayer among them—started popping up in conversations. Despite being a bad Jew (and thus unclear about whether or not Jews prayed), I was open to the prayer discussion. But whenever people started talking about the various forms of meditation they did, I’d usually offer up the fact that I was one of those people who simply “couldn’t” meditate. I’d usually add that I couldn’t be hypnotized, either. Then I’d tend to feel a bit guilty and change the subject. When I got to the 11th step, did I let a pesky instruction about how I should be seeking “through prayer and meditation” to improve my “conscious contact with God” get in the way of that? Not really. I kept at the prayer I’d learned from my first day in program, figuring that doing half of the 11th step was better than not doing it at all.

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