03/16/2012 12:20 pm ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

Joey Dibenedetto, 600 Pound Man, Says He Faces Eviction Due To Weight Problem (VIDEO)

The reason a New Haven, Connecticut man faces eviction has nothing to do with payments.

Instead, 25-year-old Joey Dibenedetto, who weighs around 600 pounds, says that he and his family are being evicted from their apartment due to his size, reports -- even though they claim they've kept current on their rent.

The landlord disagrees. He says the eviction has nothing to do with Dibenedetto's weight; instead, he claims that while they pay their rent, the family has been violating the terms of their lease by having too many people and pets in the apartment.

Since the story aired, the public response has been varied. Some have offered to help the Dibenedettos, including medical weight loss centers, while others have been less charitable, WTNH reports.

While the true reason behind the Dibenedettos' eviction may still be unclear, recent stories may offer the family some hope. Recently, another Connecticut man chose not to follow through with the eviction of his 98-year-old mother. He dropped the push to evict his mother -- which he says was only an effort to move her in with him so she could have better access to medical care -- after a judge ruled her competent.

In addition, a 78-year-old civil rights activist Helen Bailey was saved from eviction last month thanks to the efforts of a campaign by Occupy Nashville and the Black Leadership Forum. Her lender JPMorgan had threatened foreclosure during a promotion honoring Martin Luther King Jr. But after the issue drew national attention, JPMorgan said Bailey will be allowed to stay in her home for the rest of her life.

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