03/18/2012 07:38 pm ET

NCAA Tournament 2012 Live Scores: Kansas, Florida State, Lehigh In Action

We're down to the last three games of one of the most chaotic four days in sports. We've had plenty of upsets throughout the last three days, even one on Sunday with No. 11 N.C. State topping No. 3 Georgetown to reach the Sweet 16.

But we haven't seen a single buzzer-beater yet and that could only mean one thing. We're due for one!

The night session kicks off with two upset teams, No. 10 Xavier battling No. 15 Lehigh, advancing after making history with its incredible win over No. 2 Duke on Friday. Will this be the first year a No. 15 seed advances to the Sweet 16?

Later, No. 2 Kansas takes on No. 10 Purdue and No. 3 Florida State squares off against No. 6 Cincinnati.

The Seminoles are used to late-game heroics, beating Duke in the regular season on a buzzer beater and Virginia Tech with a game-winner in the final seconds.. Will Sunday night finally be the night?

Stay tuned for in-depth coverage of March Madness throughout the tournament.

03/19/2012 12:15 AM EDT

@ SethDavisHoops :

And yes, the great state of Ohio is the center of the basketball universe.

03/19/2012 12:14 AM EDT

@ SethDavisHoops :

To think: Cincinnati and Xavier are both in the Sweet 16. Is this a great country or what?

03/19/2012 12:14 AM EDT


03/19/2012 12:13 AM EDT

@ RTCEastRegion :

And the Cincinnati Bearcats will advance to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2001. #NCAANashville

03/19/2012 12:13 AM EDT

Dulkys' 3 misses and Cincy gets the rebound. 2.5 seconds remaining and this one looks over.

03/19/2012 12:12 AM EDT

Dixon walks the line and thats a travel. FSU ball with 10.5 seconds left. Down 4.

03/19/2012 12:10 AM EDT

Loucks makes the quick layup and FSU calls a timeout. 60-56 with 16 seconds left.

03/19/2012 12:09 AM EDT

Kilpatrick makes the second. 60-54 Cincy

03/19/2012 12:09 AM EDT

Kilpatrick makes the first. 59-54

03/19/2012 12:08 AM EDT

58-54 after the free trows. 21.3seconds left and Kilpatrick will head to the free throw line for Cincy.