03/18/2012 10:00 pm ET

Stephanie Decker, Indiana Mom Who Had Legs Amputated, Leaves Hospital Feeling 'Awesome'

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Stephanie Decker, the 36-year-old mother from Henryville, Indiana who was hailed as one of the biggest heroes of the recent Midwest tornadoes, was released from the hospital in high spirits despite a double amputation, MSNBC reports.

Decker lost a foot and a leg when she jumped atop her kids to shield them from the force of the tornado. Her children -- Dominic, 8, and Reese, 5 -- survived unharmed but their mother suffered massive injuries due to falling debris. In addition to the leg injuries, Decker also had seven broken ribs.

This weekend -- two weeks after the natural disasters -- Decker, who works as a sleep specialist, met reporters outside a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

"I feel pretty awesome," she said. "I didn't expect to feel this way, but I feel healthy. I feel strong."

She told reporters that she'd been brought up to have a positive attitude.

"I’m ready to tackle rehab. I am ready to get that part of this stepping stone over with. I feel really, really good."