03/19/2012 06:53 pm ET Updated May 19, 2012

Baby Wallaby At The San Francisco Zoo: Joey Reveals His Face For The First Time (PHOTOS)

Ladies and gentlemen, he sees the light.

San Francisco Zoo officials delighted at the sight of their baby red-necked wallaby, who peeked his head out into the world after six months living inside his mother's pouch. The joey and his mother reside within the zoo's Australian Walkabout.


Often mistaken for little kangaroos, red-necked wallabies are smaller than Australia's most famous marsupial, growing to about 3 feet tall and weighing anywhere from 25-60 pounds. The joey will continue to nurse for another nine months before he's fully grown.

Though it can be difficult to spot the baby marsupial when his head does surface, zoo officials have managed to snap a few choice photos in recent weeks. "This little one is hard to capture on film!" SF Zoo spokesman Danny Latham told The Huffington Post.

Nevertheless, we had a field day with the pictures we did manage to secure. Take a look at images of baby and mother below (daddy makes three in a couple slides):