Chicago Weather: 5 Straight Days Of Record Warmth, Streak Likely To Continue (VIDEO)

Having already registered five straight days of record warmth, Chicago is likely to continue its record-breaking ways Monday and Tuesday.

On Sunday, the thermometer at O'Hare hit 75 degrees at noon, exceeding the previous record for that date -- 74 degrees, set in 1969, the Chicago Tribune reports. At 2 p.m., temperatures reached 80 degrees, marking the fifth-straight 80-degree day, marking the earliest streak of consecutive 80-degree days in Chicago's history.

AccuWeather reports that, on Saturday, Chicago also set a record for the most 80-degree days in March. Putting the achievement into perspective, the last time Chicago registered even one 80-degree high during the month of March prior to this year was 1990.

The early heat wave is expected to come to an end by the end of this week, as clouds and showers arrive in the area. Highs next weekend in the area are expected to return to temperatures more typical of March, though still warmer than usual -- around 60 degrees, according to the Chicago Weather Center.

The normal high for Chicago this time of year is 47 degrees, more than 30 degrees cooler than the temperatures seen in the area in recent days, according to NBC Chicago.