03/19/2012 08:41 am ET

Tilt Creates A Disorienting Sight By Going Half-Way (VIDEO)

Recently, the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France asked the street artist Tilt to work his magic on one of their rooms. The self-proclaimed "graffiti fetishist" from the South of France was interested in their proposal, but wanted to take the idea even further. On his Vimeo page, Tilt writes, "I first told them that I wasn't interested doing just decoration in the room but I wanted to create something that will look more like an installation." He continues, "I thought about it also as a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate more the idea of Chaos on the other part."

Where so many artists would approach a hotel project with caution, Tilt turns the space, titled, "Panic Room" into a jarring experience -- raising interesting questions about the notion of chaos.

Is the side of the room filled with drips, bombs, tags, and throw-ups the chaotic part of the equation or is it merely deemed chaotic because of the pristine blank section opposite the work? Or is it the presence of both, side-by-side, that creates the opposing forces to create chaos?

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