03/20/2012 02:43 pm ET

Elaine Johnson, Second Grade Teacher, Rescues Students From Burning Car (VIDEO)

Elaine Johnson, a second grade teacher at Cameron Ranch Elementary School in Carmichael, Calif., is being called a "hero" after she rescued two students from a burning car in the school's pickup lane, KXTV reports.

According to the station, a parent hit a speed bump with his Toyota SUV when the vehicle erupted into flames, trapping the driver and two children inside.

"There was fire everywhere, leaping at the sides of the car, all around, flames coming from underneath," teacher Judy Dronberger told KXTV.

Johnson was the first to respond and, along with four others, was able to get the children out and put out the fire. No one was injured.

"I'm a little shaken. I don't handle adrenaline very well," Johnson told KXTV. "It was like a movie."

ABC news reached out to Johnson for comment today, but she was already back in the classroom teaching and thus unable to respond.

Last year, two heroic teachers saved then-12-year-old Kylee Shea's life after she collapsed in the hallway of her school.

Gym teachers Kristen Goodgion and Brent Reese immediately went to work reviving the girl, with Reese performing CPR and Goodgion fetching the school's automatic external defibrillator.

According to the girl's doctors, had both teachers reacted just 30 seconds later, the student would have had only a 3 percent chance of surviving what was later found to have been an episode of heart arrhythmia.