03/20/2012 12:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harper's Bazaar Espana Shows Us The Ultimate 'No Pants' Outfit (PHOTOS)

Everyone from fashion girls to the general public likes to complain about women venturing out in public with no pants on, whether it's people like Sofia Vergara wearing sheer leggings or you know, Lady Gaga's entire aesthetic.

But let's be honest: usually when we moan about ladies going out sans pants, the issue is that someone's worn a bodysuit without anything covering it or a tunic that's ontologically too short to be a dress.

Those days are over. Thanks to Harper's Bazaar Espana, we can now unambiguously declare regarding the model on this mag cover: homegirl is not wearing any bottoms.

Model Izabel Goulart is the lucky (?) lady unencumbered by pants, a skirt, a bodysuit, tights or even panties on the cover of the magazine's April 2012 issue.

Fashion PR-wise, it's kind of genius: you definitely end up looking at her black and red Pucci jacket. After you're done looking elsewhere.