03/20/2012 03:27 pm ET

'The Little Couple' New Season: Jen And Bill Try To Start A Family

America's favorite "Little Couple," Jen and Bill Klein, continue their struggle to start a family during the fifth season of their TLC reality show, which premieres tonight.

After realizing they wouldn't be able to conceive on their own, the couple turned to a surrogate in season four, and though the embryo transfer was successful, their surrogate, Cindy, had a miscarriage that left the Kleins devastated. "Pretty much by the next day, I woke up thinking, 'I gotta try again,'" Jen said.

In the upcoming season, Jen and Bill prepare to start from square one, but they aren't sure if Cindy is as dedicated as she once was. So instead of counting on only one method, they decide to pursue adoption as well. The episode documents their first home study -- the couple must give a tour of the house and worries they haven’t baby-proofed it yet.