03/21/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Ann Romney's Very Blonde Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

While watching Mitt Romney bask in the spotlight at the Illinois primary last night, we couldn't help but notice the stylish lady on his side: Ann Romney, with her gorgeous red dress and youthful visage. Has she always looked this good?

Mrs. Romney, 62, who just recently got on our fashion radar, is no stranger to the public eye. She's spent years in the spotlight as the former first lady of Massachusetts and avid equestrian, and later as a public figure in her husband's 2008 presidential bid.

But with Mitt Romney's current campaign heating up as he inches towards the GOP nomination, we're sure sartorial eyes will focus even more on Ann, who will no doubt be pitted against First Lady and fashion icon Michelle Obama if their husbands face off in the 2012 presidential race.

Back in the '90s, Ann sported a feathered (dare we say, Hillary-esque?) bob and often opted for knee-high boots with skirts.

But as her husband's campaign continues, Ann seems to have morphed into more of a stylista, reminding us of another famous Republican spouse. She's also upped her fashion ante, adding waist-cinching belts, red nails and mixing plaids with florals. In the past six months, she's transitioned away from bold patterns into attention-getting red power dresses for campaign appearances.

And then there's her hair, which magically gets sleeker and sleeker with time. Did she hire a personal hair stylist to do blowouts on the road?

Ann's softened appearance might continue to net attention as the Romney campaign chugs along towards the Republican National Convention, especially if she increasingly functions as the GOP's secret weapon to humanize Mitt. Just Wednesday she released a video "love letter" to her husband for their 43rd anniversary, and she often participates in staged joke setups with him onstage.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Romney might have her work cut out for her if she wants to win over more voters. Only 31% of American voters currently see Ann Romney positively, according to a recent poll.

Get a glimpse of Ann's evolving look in our slideshow below! (The wedding photo is AMAZING.)