03/21/2012 05:46 pm ET

Madonna 'Girl Gone Wild' Video Is Heavy On The Mantyhose (VIDEO)

Call them brosiery, call them guylons, or simply man-tights. Whatever the name, mantyhose are officially a thing.

That doesn't mean you can expect to see your boyfriend, dad or brother in them anytime soon. But the tight man pants are on full display in Madonna's new music video, "Girl Gone Wild."

In fact, they pretty much steal the show, considering Madonna spends most of the video gyrating like she's been doing for decades (and she throws in a bit of religious symbolism for good measure). But what's new and fresh are the hose, worn by buff male models with platform high-heels. Seriously.

Now that we have officially witnessed men wearing the elusive mantyhose, the question remains: who, if anyone, finds these attractive? Is this to impress women? If not, are they actually comfortable for men?

Because we have to admit, we've worn our fair share of the female variety for years. And they are none too comfy.

See Madonna's style evolution:

(CLONED) Madonna