03/21/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Ricky Martin Says His Twin Sons Are Polar Opposites

Not all twins are exactly alike, and that’s certainly true of Ricky Martin’s 3½ year-old sons Matteo and Valentino, according to their father.

In the April issue of The Advocate, the 40-year-old Puerto Rican superstar says that his fraternal twin boys couldn’t be more different.

“Valentino is mister peace and love,” Ricky tells the magazine. “He loves flowers and nature. If I ever wonder where he is, he’ll be somewhere behind the bushes covered in mud.”

The proud dad, who is suiting up (literally!) for his starring role as "Che" in Broadway’s ‘Evita,’ adds that Valentino is “very zen” and noble.

“I know this sounds crazy, but I think he meditates,” Ricky says. “He goes under the water. I’m like, ‘He’s gone. He’s traveling right now.’ "

But unlike Valentino, who is relaxed and easy-going, Ricky’s son Matteo has a more take-charge mentality. “He’s more alpha and a leader,” Ricky says. “He’s like, ‘You don’t do that, this is what you do.’ He tells his brother what to do and what not to do.”

The 40-year-old singer who became a dad in 2008 via two separate surrogates, is rehearsing around the clock to prep for his new role in “Evita,” but Ricky maintains that his number one priority are his twin boys, who join him this month on the cover of Vanity Fair.

“Every decision I make and everything I do is based on their needs,” he tells The Advocate.

“I don’t want to sound cliché, but they teach me new things every day.”