03/21/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

SSION Releases 'My Love Grows In The Dark' Video

SSION recently released a video for the song "My Love Grows In The Dark" (above) off of the band's upcoming release "Bent," due out in May.

Speaking about the clip singer Cody Critcheloe told HuffPost Gay Voices:

"The video is supposed to be a backhanded version of a pop star... Almost the antithesis of a pop star. That's why my face is blown out until the very end of the video. The right lighting can make anyone look good -- the more extreme, the more it erases flaws, age, etc. Think Gwen Stefani in the "Underneath It All" video (haha). I wanted to do it so extreme that the only thing left were my eyes, moustache and mouth -- iconic. Then at the end is the reveal: bald, tons of make-up, daylight... basically, I'm a WITCH."

The song itself revolves around a sex club where "everything is completely dark" and you're forced to "feel your way around." The video tackles the song's topic in a surprising way, seemingly making a statement about attachment and intimacy.

"No one really sees me in the video and if they do, they are indifferent," Critcheloe says.

"My Love Grows In The Dark" is the first of several videos to be released from "Bent" and Critcheloe, who directed the clip and has helmed other pieces for artists like Santigold, Peaches, and Gossip, promises that together the videos will create a cohesive narrative.

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