03/21/2012 01:07 pm ET

Vinyl Desserts Photo Series Captures Foods Spun On Popular Records (PHOTOS)

How's this for a concept? Take popular songs ranging from "Jolene" to "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang," play them on a record and place desserts on top of the record. Then, offer a Spotify playlist to correspond to each dessert.

The end result are a series of brightly colored photographs that feature "spun" desserts, created by Swedish photographer Philip Karlberg. “We were sick of the same kind of food images everywhere,” Karlberg told Co.Design. "So we wanted to take a new approach on how to shoot food. And we think we did."

Check out the spinning desserts in the slideshow below. Now every time we hear "Here I Go Again" we'll be strangely hungry.

Photos by Philip Karlberg; set design by Mattias Nylin. All photos used with permission from Mink Mgmt.

Vinyl Dessert