03/22/2012 02:26 pm ET Updated Mar 22, 2012

Adopt A Rabbit: Bunnies Overrun East Bay Shelter (PHOTOS)

This week's cuddly friends in the Huff Post SF's pet adoption series are a special case.

A recent influx of long-eared, fluffy-tailed creatures has overrun the Oakland Animal Shelter, and they're all up for adoption.


The shelter received almost 20 bunnies in a two week period, including over ten from one family alone, pushing the total number of rabbits housed at the shelter to over 50--far above capacity.

So far, about six rabbits have been adopted, and while groups like Save A Bunny and East Bay Rabbit Rescue took several others, the shelter remains swamped. With Easter fast approaching, shelters all over the Bay area are expecting an annual drop off of unwanted Easter bunnies (from folks who impulsively buy new pets for the holiday and decide they don't want them), making it imperative that this bunch be adopted as soon as possible.

And who wouldn’t want to take home one of these adorable faces? All the rabbits are spayed, neutered, and microchiped before adoption. And if you already have a single bunny, you can bring him over to Oakland on the weekends for "Bunny Dating" to find him a soul mate!

Pick out the newest (and cutest) addition to your family from the slideshow below; and if rabbits aren't your cup of tea, then come back next week for our next assortment of adoptable pets.