03/22/2012 09:06 am ET

Ann Coulter Criticizes Brian Williams, MSNBC Hosts: 'Knock It Off With The I'm Offended Routine...You're Horrible People, Liberals' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Wednesday night and said she found common ground with the broadcaster when he criticized Brian Williams, NBC News and MSNBC.

During a discussion about the recent outrage surrounding Rush Limbaugh's incendiary statements about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, Hannity and Coulter agreed that liberal TV hosts are guilty of using inappropriate language to attack conservatives. Hannity referred to Bill Maher and MSNBC hosts as examples.

"And then you've got NBC News. You've got to wonder how proud Brian Williams is of his news brand when they talk about ripping Dick Cheney's heart out and stomping on it, and calling Laura Ingraham a 'slut,' and all of these things that are said there," Hannity said. He added that Brian Williams does "all these reports on the Rush Limbaugh controversy," but did not go after "his fellow broadcasters on the NBC News brand." Hannity pressed, "Was that an accident? Did I miss something?"

Coulter laughed and said, "No, I think we've come together in happy agreement, Sean. They're utter frauds, liars and hypocrites."

She continued, "Again, the idea that they're offended by anything any of us could say given what regularly comes out on that network. I mean for pete's sake, they also have Al Sharpton on MSNBC who falsely accused several men of rape and that was his claim to fame, his burst onto the national scene. You have Rachel Maddow accusing the good people of Kentucky of murdering a census worker, pursuing this conspiracy theory night, after night, after night, and it turns out that it was insurance fraud and the guy killed himself. And you have Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut."

Coulter added, "Knock it off with the 'I'm offended' routine. We know you're not offended. You're horrible people, liberals." Coulter also said that conservatives should "knock it off" as well, calling the outrage over Robert De Niro's First Lady joke "ridiculous."

Among those offended by De Niro's joke was GOP candidate Newt Gingrich. Gingrich called the joke "utterly inexcusable," and called for President Obama to apologize since the satirical remark was made at a fundraiser for First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady's campaign aide did not apologize but called the joke "inappropriate."

Coulter weighed in and tweeted her defense for De Niro on Tuesday, wondering what was so offensive about his joke. Coulter, who staunchly supports GOP candidate Mitt Romney, has publicly railed against Gingrich.

Watch the exchange in the video above, which comes at 6:20.



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