03/22/2012 12:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mars Volta's 'Noctourniquet' Streaming Online (AUDIO)

Experimental rock group The Mars Volta's upcoming album Noctourniquet is streaming in full on Rolling Stone's website.

Noctourniquet is as vast and varied as the band itself. Tracks like "Aegis" has a post-rock sound; morose guitars and Thom Yorke-like vocals from lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Three tracks later at "The Malkin Jewel" (the first single released Feb. 13) and the music has jumped to noise; distortion pedals and disjointed chords reign supreme.

The album makes an even greater leap to the record's namesake. "Noctourniquet" is reminiscent of the glam rock of the 80s, except with spage-agey electronic sounds in the background. The final track "Zed and Two Nights" rounds the album out; a little chaos, a decent amount of electronics and distortion, and a lot of wailing (from both Bixler-Zavala and the guitars).

It's grand, it's epic and it's all Mars Volta.

Go to SoundCloud to listen to "The Malkin Jewel" or go to Rolling Stone's website to listen to the full album:

Listen below for "Zed And Two Naughts:"