03/22/2012 05:32 pm ET

Willie Whitehead, Liquor Salesman, Fights Off Muggers With Tequila Bottle

A 71-year-old liquor salesman found a creative way to fend off some would-be muggers Wednesday afternoon.

Willie Whitehead was leaving a sales call at a liquor store in on Chicago's South Side when four young boys surrounded him, grabbing for his briefcase and cell phone, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. A struggle ensued, and Whitehead grabbed a bottle to defend himself.

“I told them to come on with it," Whitehead told police, according to the Chicago Tribune. "[I told them] I was going to hit them with [the bottle]."

After a brief struggle, the boys fled and Whitehead called police, who arrested the suspects nearby, UPI reports. Jesse Jackson, 18, and Demetrius Shields, 17, were each charged with felony attempted robbery of a senior, and three other boys, ages 11, 14 and 16, received the same charge as juveniles.

Whitehead's suit was torn in the scuffle, but he was otherwise uninjured.